This demo is of a database application that holds information about Antique auctions that are going on around the country. Users may search the database by state, date, items in the auction and distance from the as calculated by zipcode comparisons.

You can peruse this demo as a user or as the Administrator of the site. In a production setting the administration functions would be protected by a password setup but for the purposes of this demo, I've left it wide open.

Go ahead and try out the system. Make whatever modifications to the database that you'd like. The demo can be reset from the Administration page.

Proceed to the Auction Finder Site

If you're interested in viewing the guts of the database, there is more information on:

However, it's best to get a feel for the interface of the site before stareing at it's guts.

All in all, this example took me about 30 hours to put together. Doing it for real would probably take 25-50% longer because of different requirements and the need to complete the additional scripts. For this project, I had the luxury of making up the requirements as I went along.

On the other hand, included in the 40 hours is the time it's taken me to compile the Apache web server, install MySQL and all of the other tools on my development machine, as well as ramp up on the various scripting languages.