ACME Party Balloons

Additional Functionality

These are a couple of other ideas I had to enhance and expand on the current system. I'm sure there are many other applicable ideas.

Credit Card Processing

One of the most obvious enhancements to this reservation system would be for the web server to bill the customers credit card automatically. Working through a third party system would probably add $30-$50 per month onto your web hosting fees. Depending on the size and frequency of the seminars you're hosting, it might not pay for itself.


The system tracks who needs to be billed but ignores who needs a refund, in the event that they wish to cancel out of a seminar, or didn't attend, etc.

Seminar Descriptions

At present, the descriptions of the seminars must be hand coded in HTML. Not a problem if the seminar is the same at all locations and you're only hosting one or two seminars. However if you're running a whole series, then the descriptions could also be made part of the database system. It all depends on the scale of the operation.

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