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Table definitions


This is the master table of the database. It pulls together all of the other information collected in the database.

create table ACME_Seminars
    ID          int auto_increment primary key,
    Time        datetime,
    Location    int,
    Fee         decimal(8,2),
    Notes       text,
    Attendance  int,
    MaxAttend   int


create table ACME_Locations
    ID          int auto_increment primary key,
    Name        char(48),
    Addr1       char(64),
    Addr2       char(64),
    Addr3       char(64),
    City        char(64),
    State       char(2),
    Phone       char(32),
    Directions  text


This table holds all of the information about the people who attend your seminar series. Have they paid? By what method, What was the transaction number (if by credit card), did they actually show up to the seminar. (Do you owe them a refund?) Would they like to be on the mailing list? What is their address. If the seminar is full, do they want to be placed on the wait list? (First come, first served) If they've requested a refund, why? Also, have you delivered on that refund.

create table ACME_Attendee
    ID          int auto_increment primary key,
    FirstName   char(48),
    LastName    char(48),
    Company     char(64),
    Addr1       char(64),
    Addr2       char(64),
    Addr3       char(64),
    City        char(32),
    State       char(2),
    ZipCode     char(10),
    Seminar     int,
    WaitList    char(1),
    WaitTime    datetime,
    Email       char(64),
    MailingList char(1),
    Paid        char(1),
    PaymentType char(10),
    CcardNum    char(20),
    ExpDate     char(10),
    Transaction int,
    Attended    char(1),
    RefundReq   char(32),
    Refunded    datetime


A listing of the 50 states and their two letter abreviations. Used to clean up a few of the results pages.

create table ACME_States
    Abrev       char(2),
    Name        char(20)

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