ACME Party Balloons

This is a demo of an online seminar registration system for ACME Party Balloons, a fictional company which sells balloons. Their latest marketing strategy is to give seminars on balloon animals. Hopefully the clown guild will give them their stamp of approval.

Go to the ACME Seminar Registration

You can peruse this demo as a user or as the Administrator of the site. In a production setting the administration functions would be protected by a password setup but for the purposes of this demo, it has been left open so you can see the system from both the user and administrator points of view.

Go ahead and try out the system. Make whatever modifications to the database that you'd like. The demo can be reset from the Administration page.

From the users point of view, this is a very simple registration form. The Administrator has several useful reports which can help you figure out which seminar locations will make a profit and which have little or no interest.

If you're interested in viewing the guts of the database, there is more information on:

This demo represents about 15 hours of work. Doing the work mentioned, under Additional Functionality would require another 10 hours or so. Please contact me if you would like a more detailed description.