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Welcome. I am a contract programmer. My goal is to work with my clients and design the best custom software to fit their needs. I work hard to understand your goals and translating your requests into effective software.

I provide custom programming consulting services. My target clients are both web design firms that need high end programming assistance and the Internet savvy companies that want to customize their websites.

Small Business Services

Small businesses often serve niches that require custom features in their software. I listen to you to learn what's unique and individual about your business so each solution is a perfect fit to your needs.

For example, we can build database systems to track your inventory, predict shipping schedules or list shipping pick lists. I can create external websites to allow your customers to get order status and track shippments with UPS.

Online advertising is rapidly growing, in large part because it can be tracked and it's performance graded. Do you know where your customers are coming from? Do you know which ads they respond to the best? It's a tricky question because you need to track the potential customer all the way through the sales cycle. A misdirected ad may bring a lot of site traffic but no sales. Another ad may be a better "filter", bringing fewer site visitors, but those visitors would be more likely to buy.


Web Designer Support

I provide programming support to web designers, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best, the graphics and HTML design.

I can provide a wide range of programming services, from installing existing open source packages to custom writing one that exactly fits your client's needs.

Most of our small business clients either have web designers on staff or an existing relationship with a firm, so we're always looking to partner with other web design firms on projects that require graphic design services.


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