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Graphic Design

We're programmers first and foremost. Frankly if you saw our graphic work, it would scare you. So we have a group a graphic designers that we outsource all of the work to. We can handle the sub-contracting ourselves or you can contact them directly.

Every artist has their own style, kind of a feel to their work. You should choose an artist whose style matches your own preferences so the resulting design will match the corporate image you're trying to present to your clients.


Mattie MacGregor runs eWebArchitecture and does excellent work. She tends to modify existing templates rather than building graphic designs from scratch. Her work usually has a sharp, technical feel to it.

NW Designs

Renatta Rasmussen is NW Designs. She does websites, logos, brochures, marketing sheets, etc. Her style is more of a conservative, solid color scheme.

We are always interested in forming partnerships with new graphic design outfits that need a bit of technical support. If you would like to discuss the potential for a partnership, please contact us.


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